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Loddon Healthcare Limited Modern Slavery Statement

Loddon Healthcare limited is committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in all its forms and is dedicated to ensuring that its business activities and supply chains are free from such practices. This Modern Slavery Statement outlines the steps taken by Loddon Healthcare Limited to address and mitigate the risk of modern slavery in its operations.

Organizational Structure and Business

Loddon Healthcare limited is a domiciliary care agency with operations in Hampshire. We recognise the responsibility we must ensure that slavery and human trafficking are not taking place in our organization or within our supply chains.

Policies and Due Diligence Processes

Loddon Healthcare Limited has implemented policies and procedures to prevent modern slavery in its operations and supply chains. These include Recruitment policy guards against all forms of slavery and human trafficking.

Due Diligence

We conduct due diligence assessments recruitment to identify and assess the risk of modern slavery.

Employee Training

Our employees are trained on the risks of modern slavery and the importance of ethical business practices.

Risk Assessment and Management

Loddon Healthcare Limited regularly assesses the risk of modern slavery in its operations and supply chains. We take a risk-based approach to ensure that our efforts are focused on the areas of greatest concern. If potential risks are identified, we take appropriate steps to mitigate them.

Effectiveness and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs

We measure the effectiveness of our efforts to combat modern slavery through key performance indicators such as:
Supplier Compliance Rates: Monitoring the compliance of our suppliers on their anti-slavery practices.

Training and Capacity Building

Loddon Healthcare invests in training and capacity-building initiatives to raise awareness and build the capability of its employees and suppliers in recognising and addressing modern slavery.


This Modern Slavery Statement has been approved by Hope Maumbe Director 13/11/2023.

Loddon Healthcare Limited is committed to continuously improving its efforts to combat modern slavery. We will review and update our policies and procedures as necessary and collaborate with industry partners and stakeholders to drive positive change.

Signature: HCMaumbe